Sunday, July 7, 2013

Wow, It Got Warm Again Here In St. Louis. What A Day To Have To Pull An 8ft. Sofa From A Home And Load It Up In The Car. But A Flipper's Gotta Do What A Flipper's Gotta Do! Status: Available!


If you've ever tried, you know how difficult it is to find a sofa.  OK, it's easy to find a sofa...but to find a sofa that fits our mid twentieth century modern aesthetic...Whew...better pack a lunch or bring a BIG bag of money!  Today I picked up a lovely mid century classic that I'll be squeezing into the shop later this evening.


It's not perfect, some color fading, but it works.  The color fading isn't so prevalent indoors.  I could

tell it was there when I picked it up but outside in the was much more obvious.  Also, the

legs are more Transitional than strictly "Mid-Century", but they are so subtle that the rest of the sofa

pulls them along for the ride.


The really good news is the condition.  This guy is in excellent shape and the cushions are soft yet

firm with little sign of their age.  The upholstery is soft and comfortable as well with little sign of

wear besides the fading of the original green to a more light brown.  The sofa is 96 inches long...that's

EIGHT FEET!  Know anyone who couldn't take that much needed Saturday afternoon nap on this

lovely couch?!  I didn't think so!


So where oh where did the Mr. find this long low beauty?  Originally it was a craigslist ad but the

seller was actually having an estate sale that wasn't listed on  The house was
amazing.  I couldn't help myself.  I had to grab my camera and snap a few pics.  I can't imagine what

I missed yesterday at the sale.  I'm hoping to be able to snatch up some more of the good stuff later as

they get the house cleaned out and rented.  I've already got dibs on a great light fixture and I'd love to

get all the drapes in the place too.  Note the bathroom.  The tile continues on the CEILING!!!


  1. What a great looking house! I hope they don't ruin it to rent it, if you know what I mean...or that they at least take all that awesomeness out respectfully so that others can enjoy it instead of taking the 'Lowes' approach (or was it Home Depot?) and smashing everything to bits.
    Love that sofa. I have a very similar 8 1/2 foot long sofa that I call the Wilt Chamberlain Sofa because when I took it to the upholsterer's, the statement was made that, "A man could take a hell of a nap on a sofa that size." To which the reply was, "Wilt Chamberlain could take a hell of a nap on that sofa!"

  2. Haha, the first thing I thought of when I saw this couch was Dolly's 8.5 foot couch! And I agree with her sentiments, I hope someone can appreciate all the time capsule quirks of that house. THE WALL DIVIDER IS KILLING ME. Great score on the couch, here's to finding him a great new home (With a lot of leg room!).

  3. Omg, what a great house. I would have been drooling as well. I agree whole heartedly with Lisa, the wall divider is killing me as well. It's awesome.
    Kimberly Ann