Thursday, July 4, 2013

I Didn't Bring MUCH Home With Me This Year From Our Road Trip Vacation...Just A Few Smalls That I Managed To Find Here And There. Status: Road Trip Thrifty Finds!


I didn't put much energy into filling the wagon with thrifted finds this vacation.  It was time a break.  I even put the blog on re-runs!  But I'm back at it and I'll be sharing the couple of goodies I picked while exploring as well as some of the places we found along the way.


I found this lamp base at a small antique mall type shop somewhere in South Carolina.  It was

ridiculously cheap because the plug end is missing and it had no shade.  But it's such a great lamp

that I had to have it anyway.  After I get a new plug end installed I'll drop it off at The Green Shag,

probably with the shade shown here.  I'm sure it'll get snatched up quick.


I picked up five of these (almost left one behind, odd numbers make me crazy) and while cleaning

them up I noticed one has a crack so I'm left with just the four.  I've got a collection of matching

mugs started but only have three of those.  I'm thinking these will join our daily use plates.  They

already have lots of silverware marks as well as lots of life left in them.  Gotta love that orange

sherbet color!


I'm kind of at a loss as to where this teak and aluminum trivet came from.  I think maybe I picked it

up from another small antique mall in SC.  This too is headed to my booth at The Green Shag

Market.  Maybe I'll get down there this coming weekend and give my booth space some much needed

love and attention.  I'm sure it's looking a little stale after two solid weeks of disregard!  Did anybody

go to the Green Shag Parking Lot Sale this year?  I was out of town so I couldn't make it.

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  1. This is a great lamp. I find that buyers tend to buy many items more for the decor and style than for their age.
    This lamp reminds me of a rocket ship. If you have some space-age items to group it with and reinforce this theme it will move quickly. I love the shade, it is perfect with this base, very simple and clean lines.