Tuesday, July 9, 2013

This Paul Evans Cityscape Style Coffee Table Had Been On Craigslist Since Before We Left For Vacation. When We Got Back The Price Had Dropped A Couple Of Bucks And I Couldn't Take It No More...I Had To Have It! Status: A Bit Rough But Glam-Tastic.


I haven't been able to confirm that this glass top brutalist style coffee table is in fact a Paul Evans design since I can't find another like it on the web, but it's so very close in style and construction that I can't hardly believe it isn't!  Either way, it is a seriously striking piece of functional art.


The table was miss-assembled when I picked it up.  All four of the top pieces had come off at some point and someone had re-glued them in the wrong configuration...then two more had come off again and that is how I found it.  As you see it here is what I believe the true configuration was.  Looks a little like a 3D game of Tetris, doesn't it?


You can see that some of the block have "door dings" in them.  The blocks are just a couple of pieces of plywood glued together with a veneer of stainless steel glued on top, so these dinged bits can be repaired or replaced if the next owner so desired.  Check out Toshmahal's repair and restoration of a Paul Evans Cityscape coffee table here


The Really good news is that the glass top is in great condition.  There are no chips or dings in the edge of the top at all and just a very few (and to be expected) light scratches in the surface. Now I'm probably not going to go crazy restoring this bad boy...unless perhaps I find out that it indeed IS a Paul Evans, and there are unsigned pieces out there going for big bucks, instead I'm just going to further clean up the base and carefully re-glue the blocks back together with epoxy. When I get some room it'll be headed to either the shop in St. Charles or The Green Shag...not sure which.


  1. We were headed to Chesterfield two weeks ago to pick this up when I had a change of heart, turned around, and went to Clayton for a Johnathan Adler coffee table instead. It was killing me that it stayed on Craigslist for so long. It is AWESOME!!!! Let me know when it is going to the shop and how much it is. I may have to haul it to my daughter in CoMo.

  2. Good post. From the photos, it does seem like this coffee table came from a game of Tetris. Thanks for posting.