Wednesday, July 24, 2013

While At The Green Shag Last Weekend I Found This Pair Of Metlox Teacups And Just Had To Have Them. It's Great To Have Yet Another Vendor Who Deals In Vintage Modern In The House! Status: The More The Merrier!


I spied this pair of Metlox Freeform teacups over a week ago in Hannah's booth when I was down at The Shag doing some booth maintenance. I was going to just grab them up right then, but it slipped my mind. Since I was there again this last weekend I went ahead and grabbed them then. Now I've managed to collect a couple of pieces of each of the the three related Metlox patterns!


These metlox patterns, Freeform, Contemporama and Mobile, are gonna drive the Mr. to drink. I can never remember which one(s) I already have! I could have SWORN that this pair was going to match my pair of tall tumblers, but once again...I was fooled. It's not much of a disappointment though, since they kinda DO go together anyway.


This birdcage / hanging plant stand was the last item from the Wentzville flea that I needed to share with you. It's not at all a fine specimen but when was the last time you saw a stand like this with a "Tulip" base?! It could stand a coat of paint but there are so many possibilities. Sure, you could just hang a plant or birdcage there...or you could run a wire through it and hang a lamp or a lighted globe! Are you starting to see how cool this could be? I'm just going to clean it up... maybe paint it and drop in the booth. Let somebody else's imagination take it from there.

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  1. That stand! You're killing me here. I wish I lived closer because I would be stalking the booth until it showed up.