Thursday, April 25, 2013

As Promised, Here's The Eames / Miller Swivel Rocking Shell Armchair What Made An Appearance A Few Short Days Ago. Who Doesn't Love A Classic Like This? Status: Timeless


The black and white shot you might have seen a few days ago here at Mr. Modtomic didn't really do this Mustard Yellow upholstered shell chair justice.  It might not be my favorite color but it sure does pop and is so representative of the 1970s, the era this chair was produced.


The vinyl and cloth upholstery isn't in the best shape but it is serviceable.  The fiberglass shell is in great

shape as is the base.  This is just a classic office chair and if I didn't already have a ridiculously comfort-

able office chair (one of my six Knoll / Saarinen executive chairs) I'd keep this all for myself!  Charles

and Ray really were geniuses, knowing to keep designs simple and elegant...letting what was needed

guide the aesthetics.


For being just about 40 years old the mechanics of the chair are pretty tight.  There's a tiny bit of

wobble in the reclining mechanism, but probably not much more than was there when new.  These

chairs were manufactured by a company that intended it's products to last.  The base is adjustable for

height and recline angle.  All the wheels still roll freely too!  Lots of times you'll get chairs like this with

a bunch of string or twine and whatnot tangled up in the races of the wheels, which is stupid hard to

get rid of.  Luckily, no such problems with this piece.  At the moment, I've already got three Eames

upholstered shell chairs available at The Green Shag Market and I don't really have the room at

Fleur De Lis - Home Source so for the now I'm probably gonna hold onto this baby, but sooner

or later I'm sure I'll be making it available.

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  1. Hey, let me know if this bad boy is still available and how much you want for it!