Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Number 1000. Nothing Any More Special About This Post Than That. Just Another Day And Some Cool Second Hand Finds. Status: Check The New(ish) Header?


You'd think I save something special for a day like today.  I just don't roll that way.  Posting daily means I just don't have time to plan what I post about on say "Fridays".  I would have liked to have had something really cool for today, but this little lot ain't nothing to sneeze at, right?


I love finding Franciscan pieces and picking up this Duet patterned pitcher at Treasure Aisle is no different.

It's in very good condition and was a pretty good bargain, considering it came from an antique mall.  There

is only one little flea bite chip but strangely it's on the handle and not on the spout, where you normally (for

some reason) find them.  So this will be strategically positioned in the china cabinet to show it's better side.


While the Franciscan Duet pitcher is a keeper, these five little Dorothy Thorpe style cordial (maybe?)

glasses will be tagged and dragged down to the booth space (#5) at The Green Shag Market.  I've got

plenty to take down there but just finding the time to get it done...that's the tough part.  These are in

excellent shape with no fading or scratches on the chrome rim.


I even managed to find a set of four Libbey Silver Foliage tumblers over the weekend.  I'm going to

drop these off at The Shag as well.  I've already got a pretty big collection of this line so letting a few

bits and pieces go here and there won't hurt...much.  But anyway, did ya see the new banner up top?


  1. Congrats on the big FOUR DIGITS! Yay! Keep it up, you know we love it.

  2. I would think the Dorothy Thorpe-style glasses are rocks aka "old-fashioned" glasses; 6-10 oz for serving whiskey with ice, or lowball cocktails. Most modern bar sets have double old-fashioneds, in keeping with the modern trend of super-sizing beverages.

  3. Congrats on 1000 and here's to 1000 more!

  4. Hmmm. I just left a set of 8 Libbey Glasses like those at Goodwill. $1/each.