Tuesday, April 2, 2013

This Is Most Of The Smalls We Picked Up At The Canton TX First Monday Flea Market. The Girlfriend Nabbed A Bag Or Two Of Salt And Pepper Shakers That I'll Share Later But This Is My Loot. Status: Typical Flea Haul.


Just about everybody we told that we were in the area for the Canton Flea looked at us like we were nuts.  Even some of the comments here on the blog disparaged the Canton First Monday Flea Market.  "Why?" was what everyone seemed to be asking.  Sure, there might be places with more abundant vintage modern offerings, but generally places with better ratios of Wheat to Chaff are gonna cost you more...and I like separating that Wheat and Chaff!


As with the Russel Wright that we found while at the flea market, I didn't pack up every little treasure

I stumbled upon.  I don't really need to.  I've got plenty already!  But when something catches my eye

in that special way, that's when it gets bagged.  Do I need a silver fade candy dish?  Nope, but it'll

find a loving new home through the Green Shag!  The Manhattan candle stick holders are staying

with me though!


Tiki mugs made in Hawaii are always welcome in my bar!  Daga manufactures logo mugs and such in

Hawaii for events and companies.  This one appears to be vintage.  The glaze inside the mug is all

crackled.  I've never been much of a fan of drip glaze mugs since you usually only find them in dark

brown but I'm diggin' this pair of Pfaltzgraff in a light speckle.  They'll go nicely with my orange set!


I did spot more Franciscan while out at both the flea market and at some of the antique malls we

visited, but this lot was dirt cheap.  On our way home I even found a tiny antique mall in Oklahoma

that had a number of Franciscan Starburst Coup bowls...but at $50 a pop, they were left as found. 

Given that I've already got a nice set of Franciscan Duet (the pink flowers pattern) it was nice finding

a Grand Mug and another large platter for my collection.  How often do you find cups without 

saucers?!  It's usually the other way around!  This pair came from a dollar table and were covered

in a thin layer of dried mud that I'm sure was just dust the day before as it had rained hard that night. 

I don't mind washing a dish or two though, not when they look That pretty!


  1. Seems like a long trip for your treasures.

  2. I've never made it out to First Monday and I live 2 hours away! You snagged some great stuff, Canton is definitely on my to do list but the Round Top Antique Fair is out of this world & worth the trip down. They are having it this weekend, but I'm waiting for the fall dates.

  3. Hey Mr. Modtomic! Looks like you found some really good stuff at Canton! I live 16 miles from Warrenton and maybe you'd like to come down for the Fall dates? I didn't get to meet Dana but I did get to meet Dana's SIL Joe when I sold him a set of Jack Lenor Larsen chairs a few years ago... anyway, it could be a thought! It'd be a lot of fun...

  4. I love that "fall" pattern by Franciscan, I have one huge salad bowl and hope to pick up pieces as I stumble upon them. My A-team Franciscan pattern is "American Ivy" iv'e got settings for 4 people, but YEESH that pattern is exspensive! (Provably because of its air time on "I Love Lucy". I really dig the candle sticks, neat stuff!

  5. I can't understand why people gave you a hard time about going to the Canton Flea Market. That's insane! I was born and raised in St. Louis (well, St. Charles to be exact) and currently live in Waco, TX, about 2.5 hours from Canton. All my family is still in STL and we plan all their visits to ensure they include a Canton weekend so we can spend a day there. It's one of the happiest places I've ever been!!