Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Here's A Few Of The Salt And Pepper Shakers That The Girlfriend Snatched Up On Our Roadtrip Spring Break. She's Really Into Plastics But Threw In Some Variety. Status: Seasoned To Taste.


I totally missed her snatching all these up.  I knew she was picking up vintage costume jewelry while we were in Canton but I didn't see any of these Salt and Pepper shakers being bought.  She's sneeky!


The "Schmoo" shakers are my favorite of the lot, but the clear acrylic set is pretty cool too.  I was

surprised that she picked up the blue metal and stone pair as this isn't usually her style.  Not plastic

and not obviously vintage.  It's nice that she's flexible though and keeps it mixed up.


The three sets above are her "bread and butter".  All three sets are plastic and truly vintage.  The bottom

set is a little weird for her as she doesn't readily buy advertising sets.  I think it was the cute little bud

vase that got her.


Bonus!  Dana and the Son In Law gifted us this Shag inspired / knockoff painting while we were visiting

the shop.  The SIL said that a local guy gave it to the shop and from what I could gather, had found it in

the garbage (?!).  It's not signed but neither Dand, the SIL, the Girlfriend nor I believe it's a genuine

article...but it's well done and looks great!  I'm thinking I might hang it in Fleur De Lis - Home Source

for decoration and not for sale.  It'll brighten up those days when I'm there covering for Mom or just

re-arranging things.


  1. The Girlfriend says:

    Not sneaky--not even a little bit. I wasn't even paying attention to whether he saw my stuff or not. But, I am just not on Mr. Mod's radar when he's getting his shop on :).

  2. She needs a 1939 New York World's Fair shaker, the Perisphere and Trylon.