Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Brass Lamps! Brass Lamps! What's Up With All The Brass Lamps?!?! I Just Picked Up Another Pair Over The Weekend. Status: Available Soon.


The seller broke one of the globes just before I picked it up.  Sad.  Not a big deal.  I was thinking about going with white globes anyway, but if I happen to find one smoke clear globe...well, path of least resistance and all that.


This pair of beautiful Hoop / Globe table lamps popped up on c-list Sunday morning and I just had to

have 'em.  They were way over in Illinois so it was a bit of a haul to pick the set up but at least the seller

brought them with him where we were to meet.  That was a bit of a debacle itself.  He didn't have the

address of the storage unit they were in and wanted to just meet at a gas station that was near by...but

didn't know how to describe where that was either!  Eventually I found it on the web and we set a time.


The lamps (except for the loss of one of the globes) are identical.  What I think I might do is make

the set diametrically apposed so that they look even if placed on either side of a sofa or on a pair of

nightstands.  That'll just involve swapping the taller stems on one of the pair.  There's a four way

switch in each lamp giving control over how many of the bulbs are illuminated. 


Made in the USA?  How old ARE these lamps?!  One of the other "modifications" I'll likely make

before dropping these off at the Green Shag Market is to kind of randomize the angles of the "hoops"

in relation to one another.  Right now they are all on pretty much the same plane and that looks

pretty...plane.  Don't ya think they deserve so much more?

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