Friday, April 12, 2013

This Wheat Sheaf Hollywood Regency Coffee Table Is So Fresh To The Shop That It's Still Warm From The Oven! We Ain't Even Got A Tag On It Yet. Status: Fresh...And Already Gone!


This little coffee table is exactly perfect for our family shop: Fleur De Lis - Home Source since it rides the fine line between my Mom's style and my own.  I think the shop is starting to gel!  I'm snatching items that Mom would sell and she's doing the same with what I'd have grabbed up.  It's a plan so just might work!


I spotted this on craigslist early today just after getting to work.  It was for sale nearer the shop than

my work or home and I figured Momtomic would be there, so I shot her a text with a link to the ad.

She didn't hesitate and got right on the phone to the seller.  Half an hour later I got a text saying she

had gotten it. 


Good work Mom!   These Sheaf of Wheat tables are listed from between $1200 and $3950 on I ain't so silly as to believe we are going to realize that kind of return.  Our asking

will certainly but much more modest...and reasonable.


Since I needed to drop by the shop to shoot some pics of the new table I went ahead and threw this

fireplace mantle back on top of Frank and took it over with me.  I picked this up from the lady who

sold me the Sputnik chandelier last weekend.  I had taken a few pics of it with my phone and sent

them to Mom but I had to go back and get it the next day.  The lady thought I was a little nuts for

strapping it to the top of the car.  I think this is quarter sawn  oak.  The "stripes" have that iridescence

to them that adds so much depth and character to the wood.  Speaking of character...cigarette burns.

Nice touch. Update: Gone.


  1. I really liked your article as it is very interesting to read thank you

  2. I'm betting that table will be snatched up from the shop with a quickness!