Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sorry About The Crappy Cell Phone Pics. We Were Out At The Thrifts Today Sans Real Camera. Still, Neat Stuff And Thought I'd Share. Status: Left Behind.


I'm pretty well "stocked" right now and won't easily part with my cash when in this situation, so I just hunted with the camera (so to speak) today. If you're looking for some good retro stuff cheap, maybe you'll find something here.  But alas, the saddest poodle in the world (no...I get it puppy, just look at that hair!) may be long gone as I actually spotted this before we left for TX.


That poor poodle about qualifies for a Thrifts Of Terror, don't ya think?!  The Davenport (I think that's

the proper name for this type of sofa) and the china cabinet were both at the St. Charles Salvation Army.

The Davenport folds down flat to make a small bed.  Great for a guest room / office space / music room.
And it looks like the upholstery is pretty new so if you can stand light blue, no need to re-upholster it!

The china cab has a few bumps and bruises.  I pictured the worst of it here though.  It's Basset in case

anybody is interested.  Nice piece and an easy price.


The little bowl intrigued me.  Just the pattern really.  Anybody know what it is?  If they had had a whole

set of it I probably would have purchased it.  It looks sorta Tiki to me!  Oh, the Curtis Jere piece,

Momtomic brought that home from an estate sale this morning!  How cool is she?  So now we have

a single piece at the shop for sale in case someone can't use the larger two piece we have on the wall

now!  I should have taken a better photo of that brass lamp but if you look hard, you can make it out

all right.  That came home with me, but not the pair of chairs.  Not enough room in the Girlfriends new

little Fiesta (AKA - The Flirt).  They were only $10 each at the Goodwill on Olive near 141.  Anyway,

gotta cut this short.  We're headed to the Skyview Drive In in Belleville Il. to see a double feature of

GI Joe: Retaliation and Hansel & Gretel - Witch Hunters!  Yeah, Big Stupid Summer Movies Under

The Stars!!!

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