Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hot Or Not? This Is The Lamp I Picked Up At The Thrift Store Saturday. I Was Hoping To Find Out It Was A Milo Baughman Design Or Something, But Came Up Empty Handed. Status: Whatcha Think?


I dig it.  I won't buy anything I don't.  That said, I was hoping that I'd find out it's some pricey designer lamp...but I can't even find another like it on the web at all!  Now I'm just kinda wondering what you think about it.


It is a most unusual pharmacy style lamp.  The only identifying mark on it is the Leviton stamp on the

socket.  I don't think Leviton made the rest of the lamp.  Anybody got a clue they'd like to share?  


The lamp totally works AND has two level illumination.  Is that a two way or a three way switch? 

Seems like it would be a three way since it's got "off", "bright" and "dim".  But then three ways have

three levels of light, right?  Still, two way sounds like "off" and "on".


I'm guessing that it's this style of shade that makes a "pharmacy" lamp a pharmacy lamp.  It's nice that

both the shade and the "S" upright are both free of corrosion.  So many of these vintage brass plated

lamps are just pock market with rust. 


Well, the base is a little rough.  It's got some of the dreaded spots.  I'm considering painting it.  It

wouldn't be a cardinal sin by any means, would it?  I'm not going to do anything with it right away. 

I'd really like to see another one or ten to be sure it's not some priceless Milo Baughman 1stDibs treasure!

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  1. The shape of the shade looks more George Kovacs than Milo Baughman, but I haven't seen many Baughman floor lamps.

    Have you ever tried ketchup to clean brass? Sounds crazy, but it works. Please, please, please don't paint it! The gold finish is too gorgeous!