Monday, April 29, 2013

While The "Cornbread Garage Sale" Might Have Been Less Than A Raging Success, Sunday Was Still Banner Pick Day! Status: Heywood Wakefield Heaven!


Well, maybe not "Heaven" but I'm certainly a much happier camper after finding this lovely Dogbone / Whalebone Hey / Wake dining set Sunday evening.  I wasn't really bummed after the Cornbread sale but wasn't overjoyed either and this certainly brightened my day.


I've loved the combination of the classic and ubiquitous Heywood Wakefield "Dogbone" chair with the

truely "mid-century" modern yet subtle "Whalebone" drop leaf extension dining table since I first started

paying attention to vintage furniture.  I've had my chance at several sets, maybe four or five, but they've

always been out of reach financially or already spoken for (or both!).  Just three weeks ago a set similar

to this popped up on c-list just after I got to work (told ya I look ALL the time!) and I POUNCED on

it.  Oh did I!  I got a call back from the seller and I was like "That's Right, Who's the man?!".  Then the

seller apologized for accidentally re-posting the ad and explained that she had sold the set a month ago.

Mr. Mod had a serious Sad. 


But here ya go.  What comes around goes around, be it bad...or like this, GOOD!  Not that all of this

score is good.  Well, it's good...just not great.  The chairs are all in wonderful condition.  Did I mention

they are my Favorite Hey / Wake chairs?!  All have a scratch here and there and need a tiny bit of

tightening with a screw driver, but they are original finish and I'd be proud to have them included in my

Hey / Wake dining suite as is any old day.


The Whalebone table...well, that's a different story.  It's a big ol' mess.  Structurally it's absolutely

serviceable, but the finish is toast.  Throw a pretty table cloth over it and nobody gonna notice anyway,

right?  Everybody's gonna be too busy eyeballin' those gorgeous chairs to realize that the legs have a

couple scratches too.  I didn't have time to toss in the leaves so you'll have to imagine how HUGE this

thing gets with both those bad boys in place.


As usual, the seller thought I was nuts showing up in Frank the Focus Wagon to pick this up.  20

minutes later they were standing in silence, both shocked AND awed, seeing that I once again had no

trouble finding room in Frank to deposit all of the above.  I can't recommend enough that everybody

reading this go out and find your own Ford Focus Wagon ZTW or ZXW ASAP.  Great gas mileage,

haul anything you'd want to and it's fun to drive.  But my Frank is not available...unlike this Heywood

Wakefield set!  Just gotta find room for it in either the shop or the booth.  Decisions, decisions,


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  1. I've got a Focus ZX3 that has hauled a 9 drawer Brasilia dresser(with the big mirror and a nightstand), couches, a set of four Mies van der Rohe MR dining chairs, all kinds of big bulky things that people thought it couldn't handle. It's a great car for this sort of lifestyle, I always say if it ever cruds out I'm getting one of those huge old Volvo 240 wagons.