Friday, April 26, 2013

Another Chair? Yes, I Admit To Having A Ridiculous Weakness For Fantastic Seating. Fantastic? Why Yes, This Ray Wilkes Chiclet Chair Definitely Is That! Status: Available...X 2..Plus!


Seating as art.  Personally, few chairs or sofas strike me as such.  Sure, they might be lovely and gorgeous...but art?  Not so much.  The Ray Wilkes / Herman Miller Chiclet line though...a fantastic expression of post modernist creativity.  Art, if you will.  Simple yet striking.


So yeah, they're sublime. But they're also, and just as importantly, supremely comfortable.  AND they

are built to last a lifetime!  These are Herman Miller, which says a lot, but if you don't already know...

Herman Miller manufactures institutional furniture (office building stuff) that is meant to see a LOT of

use.  So you know that a chair like this in a home will be around forever!  The structure of the Chiclet

line is unprecedented in that it's seems to have been engineered by Caterpillar.  It's heavy and seriously



The upholstery, in a silvery with bits of blue, green, yellow and red tweedy type thing, is just as tough

as the framework but is also smooth and supple.  The cushions are firm and keep the fabric stretched

taut maintaining that marvelous candy coated chewing gum shape.  It's a classic Warholian combination.


The back 3/4 is my favorite angle.  It looks like it's going fast just sitting there!  From almost any angle

this beauty drips appeal...this one AND another just like it PLUS a two seat sofa, all in the same silver

grey couture.  These three all are ostensibly available although I haven't had a moment to put the other

two back together, much less photograph them.  Plus, I don't have room for them either at The Green

Shag OR at Fleur De Lis!  This set is probably gonna have to be handled mano a know,

through craigslist.  Anybody interested?

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