Monday, April 1, 2013

The Roadtrip Is Over And We're Back Home Safely. A Good Time Was Had By Both Of Us In Canton TX. We Even Scored Some Sweet Russel Wright. Status: Phone Post.


You've no doubt already seen the Russel Wright jug / carafe from a post a few days ago but since I found a few other Russel Wright treasures while in Canton TX I thought it would be fitting to include it again. I didn't pick up a TON of smalls but I'm pretty happy with what I found.


Sorry folks, for the unusual layout today. I'm filling in the text of this post from my phone while at work. Yup, I'm back at work ::sigh:: AND I'm working a late schedule shift. Anyway, this is Russel Wright lot that I managed to put together while at the First Monday flea market. Yeah, it's not an over the top score by any means, but I have so little invested in it! Plus, this is just how I like to build a collection. Sure, there's a lovely full set of Russel Wright Steubenville available on craigslist right now, but do I wanna buy a collection the fun way or the ho-hum way (yawn)? The large pitcher didn't actually come from the flea market. We poked around Canton proper a little bit Saturday and found that there are deals to be had even in their antique malls! There WERE lots of other pieces of Russel Wright spotted at the flea, such as a $10 large grey platter that I left behind. Believe me, I didn't buy it all. I'm at least a little selective! The pair of Iroquois Casual cups came from a dollar table far on the outskirts of the flea market. There are actually four parts of the Canton First Monday flea so far as I'm concerned. There's the food and new / craft vendors (lots of both) mostly housed in the giant sheds, the "antiques" and "junque" vendors that make up another large portion of what you'll find, there's another large section that is actually privately owned land and sort of an annex to the "junq-tique" area and lastly there is the dog trade section. We took a little look around that late on Saturday and found most everything but the animal vendors to be closed for the day. It looked pretty sketchy, but then we were told that it is the cheapest place for vendors to set up. So the weather was perfect and we got to eat footlong corndogs and funnel cakes. That AND scoring all good thrifty find...could it have been a better long weekend? I doubt it!



  1. If you've been in TX, you should have come to the Round Top/Warrenton antique show. I was there all weekend and brought back a truck full of treasures, or uglies if you ask my friends. I'll probably go back this weekend for more digging and deals.

  2. Round Top is always fun! Next time your and yours come down let us know! We'd love to have you stop by the Casablanca, (We're near Wichita Falls. Great finds.

  3. We usually have pretty good luck at "antique" malls just do to the fact that it's mostly antiques and many of the sellers don't have much love for their MCM stuff and it's priced accordinly!