Monday, April 29, 2013

This Morning We Got Up Stupid Early To Attend The "Cornbread - Worlds Biggest Garage Sale". We Managed To Find A Couple Good Items, But For The Most Part...It Was A Bust. Status: Still...Some Real Treasures!.


This was our reward for dragging our tired butts up out of bed at 7:20am.  It don't look like much...but alas, some of these smalls are pretty good scores!  We didn't even know when we were buying them!  Can you guess which is the best find?


Well, it looks like the Girlfriend won this time!  She snatched up this magnificent set of Don Shoemaker

Salt and Pepper shakers in Rosewood.  These were probably $3 and they are flawless.  She picked 'em

up and asked what I though pointing out that they looked like Rosewood.  I concurred and said, "yeah,

of course...pick 'em up!"  Then, just before creating this post I did a little looking around and found that

they are by a recognized designer...and worth a good deal more than $3!


One of my little finds, a Sunbeam Mixmaster Junior!  I just gave away one of my spare pastel mixers

(the Pink one) to a young lady who accompanied her beau on a long road trip here to St. Louis to pick

up my former set of Lady Kenmores (the pink set that I never got around to rebuilding and hooking up). 

Finding this in such amazing condition (the cord is still nice a supple!) is what I consider my Karmic

payback!  This is my first such find, and it works!


These little "hour glass" style shakers were also picked up by the Girlfriend.  Good ol' Made In The

USA!  These are simple and elegant.  They strike me as a pair you'd find in your local greasy spoon

diner, the kind that you're running across less and less often.  Great thing about the shape...if you are

at a greasy spoon you'll still be able to pick them up with your greasy spoon hands!


This was sold as a set, even though they obviously don't belong together.  At first I made an offer on just

the Dansk cheese knife, 'cuz that's what I really wanted.  But then I took another look at that enameled

brass bowl.  It's actually very pretty.  I thought I might just give it to Momtomic to sell in the shop...but

now I'm really kinda liking it!  I might just keep it myself.  I know the cheese knife is sticking around. 

I'm loving me some Quistgaard / Dansk.


Then there's this.  It's Fiesta.  You can just make out the "f" on the bottom mark.  But what's up with

this "Diner Open 24 Hours"?  I can't find another like it on the web.  I've got a book, but it's at The

Green Shag Market.  I'll look through that next time I drop by.  I did find one listing for a coffee mug

with the same decoration, stating that it was a retired "pattern" but could not find anything else to back

this up.  Maybe this was the big score of the day?  Nope, actually none of this was.  The BIG score

came later!


  1. Homer Laughlin makes other dishware specifically for the food service industry, but Fiesta has been and is popular as well--boutique hotels apparently have prevented them from retiring black Fiesta, e.g. HL have made several diner-inspired special collections. This one is from a late 1980s collection made exclusively for the Betty Crocker Catalog, so it is fairly rare--available for a limited time from a single source that is no longer in business.

    1. Sweet! Thanks for the detailed info. I don't collect Fiesta so I'll be dropping this off at The Green Shag pretty soon, if anyone is interested.

  2. The knife is actually Vivianna Torun for Dansk, not Jens Quistgaard. She is better known for jewelry making, but I see these knives more often than her masterful silver work. I think these occasionally came alone in a velvet bag, but were more commonly sold as a set with a teak cutting board that had an indentation the shape of the knife handle. I had one of the cutting boards recently, but sold it off to Canada, sorry to say.