Tuesday, March 19, 2013

This Is How A Collection Starts. Problem Is, I've Already Built This Collection! More Sunbeam Mixmasters. Status: Lagniappes!


I've had the "extra" pink mixer and all these bowls for a while but I just picked up the yellow Sunbeam Mixmaster just a few days ago.  When I find one of these at a reasonable price I just can't help myself, I have to pick it up!  In my defense I really, really thought I had an extra set of yellow bowls, not turquoise!


You might remember my "real" collection of Sunbeam Mixmasters that I featured back in Feb. 2011. 

You can't see them in these photos but they are all on permanent display on top of the china cabinet in

the background. They get tons of attention and comments from visitors.  But these guys (less the new

yellow one) have all been packed away. 


I'd like to find another turquoise Mixmaster and put together a trio of mixed up Mixmasters.  I'd like to go

so far as disassembling the base and upright and recombining those in different color combinations too. 

For that I'd need another pink small bowl and a set of yellow bowls, too.  See how it works.  The reason

to continue the hunt just finds me!



  1. Love 'em! I have a number of white sunbeam mixers, but no colored mixers; I also never knew they had color coordinated bowls.

  2. I only thought these came in white. Love the pastel bowls!