Sunday, March 3, 2013

Wow, Mr. Modtomic Has Gone Through A Real Dry Spell Where Acquiring Great Vintage Modern Art Is Concerned! Finding A Nice Piece Over The Weekend Was A Welcome Break. Status: At The Shop.


Two things you can discern from the above photo.  First, this artist was Not afraid of color, oh no!  Second, real paint...not a print!  Sweet!  An original.


Ain't she a beaut.?  And lot's of color.  I love this kind of art.  I don't know exactly what style it is...maybe

impressionistic...but it is striking.  It's in excellent condition too, which I always find surprising given that it

had to survive the thrift store donation process.  I picked up this large piece from the St. Vincents De Paul

in St. Charles yesterday when we stopped by and found the lovely Benny Linden danish modern dining set.


I had a bit of a scare when I finally asked a staff member to get the painting down from the wall when

another fella asked for some help getting a painting almost right next to this one! I thought I had lost it. But

it turned out that everybody got what they wanted and the staffer only had to make one trip over to the



  1. What a beautiful find. We have had the same dry spell here in Dallas.
    Honey Stop The Car Vintage