Thursday, March 28, 2013

We Made It To Texas Last Night...Got Up Early And Have Already Started Filling The Car. Scores So Far. Status: Flea Mkt. Heaven!


Sunset is my favorite part of the day.  Actually, the last hour of sunlight is what I love.  Photographers call it the "Golden Hour" and it's when you get that amazing light that travels through so much of the Earth's atmosphere that it heightens all the colors.  So of course I had to take a photo while driving.  Don't do this...ever.  But do click through and check out a couple of my Thursday First Monday Flea Market Scores!


It was...and wasn't...difficult to pop right away on a Hundred Bucks worth of Herman Miller / Eames

shell chairs.  I hated to blow that much cash on the first of three days know my motto,

Strike While The Iron Is Hot!  Turns out, after grabbing these up, two other shopper asked if I had

picked these up from the vendor that I had.  They had both hemmed and hawed too long and missed



I'll admit, I too hemmed and hawed for about 20 minutes.  Then I tooled myself back to the seller and

snatched them up.  I woulda' hated seeing them on someone else' cart if I had missed out.  They certainly

aren't perfect, but these so infrequently are.  I'm loving the lighter blue pair.  Might keep 'em.  Dunno for



I don't usually tell y'all what I paid for this or that but SO many people have been either coming down

on Canton First Monday Flea or have looked at me like I was crazy for coming here JUST for the

event that I wanted to show that Really Good Stuff can be had here for a decent price!  This lovely

and Rare (I've never seen one before today, actually!) Russel Wright pitcher was a mere $10.  It's in

perfect condition and is in a very desirable color, too!  These four bits aren't even all I picked up today...

AND this is just Thursday, many of the vendors don't set up until tomorrow!  On top of all this, we

are having a blast.  We arrived into the area late last night around midnight to find ourselves with an

empty gas tank and no rural gas stations open.  A very helpful Sheriff informed us of the fact that many

of the closed gas stations leave their "pay at the pump" pumps ON over night.  "Whew!"


  1. I'm interested in the dark blue HM chair if you decide to sell! I'll be in STL in May. Let's talk!


    1. Hi Diana.

      Shoot me an e-mail about the chair and we'll work it out.

  2. Wow! the jug/carafe lists for 225 dollars in the Russel Wright book by Ann Kerr, third edtion-for what it's worth. It appears to be a rare find. Find the wood stopper for it and you will be set.

    1. Hi John.

      Best I could find "as sold" on eBay was $90. Maybe the wood stopper makes all the difference! Still, $90 is way more than $10!

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Mick.

      Thanks! Texas is such a freakishly friendly place to drive. People pull off the side of two lane roads to let me pass and pull into the passing lane to turn left. Nice!

  4. What a coincidence! I just uncovered a bunch of those blue chairs miniature....all in that darker blue that were in a box of stuff that I moved from my parent's house! I'd forgotten about having them as a child and was thrilled to find them again!

    1. Hi Dolly.

      Those sound super cool! I'd love to have some miniature Eames chairs to display!