Saturday, March 30, 2013

We Wrapped Up Our Vacation In Canton TX First Monday Flea Market Today By Just Barely Missing A Thunderstorm. Otherwise The Weather All Weekend Was Perfect! Status: Headed Home.


When we arrived this morning the skies were still cloudy but the rain had ended hours ago.  Good thing, since we were already pretty beaten down by walking the copious flea market grounds pretty thoroughly the previous two days and weren't up for any inconvenience.  Beaten Down...the place is Huge.


The Canton TX First Monday Flea Market is so huge that they rent LOTS of those mobility scooters...

to perfectly abled people.  Believe me...we considered it.  There are like, 8 or 10 booths that rent the

scooters.  What does that say?  The rain left a bit of mud behind, but it wasn't bad at all.  I guess that

it rained too bad on the grounds.  Follow that sign to find the good stuff, i.e. - Juntiques!


We had already scavenged most of the vendors so today, Saturday, we spent most of the day exploring

the rest of the grounds...including the fairgrounds type food vendors!  Today was all about funnel cakes

and foot long corn dogs!


There are these HUGE LONG sheds that have almost all new, knockoff and craft stuff in them but they

also have lots of vendors with these hair on hide skins for sale.  They aren't that cheap but they do have

a great selection and more than fair prices.


This was one of the first vendors we spotted when we arrive Thursday morning.  I asked what the price

on the brass top spider leg table and the Witco bench was but when the vendor quoted $295 and

$3hundred-something respectively...we just nodded and moved on.  Those are not flea market prices. 

Maybe Brooklyn Flea prices, but not midwest flea prices.  Pass.


We found a lot of vendors didn't price there wares.  This got annoying.  I don't like to ask...well, anything. 

I REALLY don't like feeling like I'm being sized up by a vendor.  Put a price on it or I'm probably not

even going to bother.  That said, the above were all bits and pieces that we missed the two previous

days!  The place is that big.


I just liked what this vendor had.  He had recovered a number of chairs and whatnot in vintage barkcloth

and had some nice vintage items for sale.  It was all very pretty so I got out the camera.  I failed miserably

to use the camera to truly show how big the flea was and show off all the other cool stuff, but that's

because I was in scavenge mode!  I have a hard time shooting and shopping at the same time!


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  2. Seeing how you were visiting I'm sure glad you did well at Canton. I haven't been in 20 years, but Hubby and I made it our there yesterday. We didn't do very well. Oh well it was a great weather day and we got some exercise.

    P.S. Have you ever been to Round Top, Texas???? I hear it is bigger than Canton.