Monday, March 25, 2013

Holy Crap. It Snowed. It Snowed...A LOT. What A Difference A Day Can Make! Still, I Had To Get This Cool Looking 9 Drawer Dresser Out Of Frank To Shoot Some Pics. Status: Lots Of Shoveling (and the dresser is already gone)!


Good lord.  Isn't it Spring yet?  We got another record one day snow fall here in the StL last night.  We had to shovel the driveway...TWICE!  The good news is that it was plenty warm the day before and it was just above freezing today so it's melting and the streets are pretty much cleared off up here in North County.


I would have liked to have cleaned this fetching 9 drawer dresser before shooting the pics, but I was

just too wiped out from Re-shoveling the driveway!  Luckily it wasn't exactly a mess to begin with, but

it'll still look better with a little bit of elbow grease.  And don't worry, it was only sitting on that cold

wet driveway for a few minutes. 


I haven't a clue what brand it is partly because there isn't a label and partly because I haven't done

any looking around yet. I wanna say Basset but they usually have a stamp inside one of the drawers.

There are a couple of small issues with the dresser but nothing that was a deal breaker for me. The

small chips are kind of to be expected with a case piece of a certain age. The Formica top might

not be the classiest feature on the dresser but it certainly makes for more durable and easy to care

for item. If this looks like something you might like to have enhancing your lovely home, it is available.

It'll be on craigs-list soon but you're welcome to send me a note through the blog here if you like.


  1. How people can dismiss wallpaper is beyond me. The paper you used is FANTASTIC!!!

  2. Hooker is another possibility. They also used a brand but I have a desk I know is theirs that has no such marking. The handles on the outer drawers are similar to Drexel Parallel (but the rest is not) and the grooves in the drawers resemble some Hooker or maybe American of Martinsville pieces.

  3. Fashion trend by Johnson carper.

    1. Ah, so it is. The only Fashion Trend I've seen was blond and more traditional-looking. I guess this one is a different trend.

  4. This is a Johnson carper. I just found the exact same one at a thrift store. ;)

  5. How much did you end up selling it for?