Saturday, March 16, 2013

Frank The Focus Wagon Finally Met His Match. It Was Rainy And Cold Out So I Did Some Measuring BEFORE Dragging This Sofa Out To The Car. Status: Called For Backup.


It looked a lot smaller in the ad.  It never even entered my mind that it wouldn't fit into the back of the wagon!  I've hauled refrigerators in the back of my Focus Wagon.  Frank is...let's say...sizable.  Cavernous even.  But it was defeated by a combination of inclement weather and an awkward physical arrangement.


See? Awkard!  I was immediately attracted to the unusual asymmetrical arrangement of this sofa.  I'm also

a fan of the brocade print pattern of the upholstery.  It's just a lovely antique style, victorian era single end

sofa.  We're pretty sure it's a reproduction.  It's not heavy...and that's kind of a give-away.  But it sure does

a good job of looking the part, so far as we're concerned!


There's all the usual suspects.  Button tufted upholstery, carved wood trim with shells, swoops, leaves and

flowers, and brass tacks to finish it off.  There's some very minor stains on the seat fabric but it's hardly

noticeable within the print of the fabric.  I haven't tried to clean it off yet either.  It may just come right out. 

If not, it'd probably be an easy job to recover just the seating surface.  Maybe in black velvet!


It's that big right back that kept me from just tucking this into the back of Frank.  When measured, it's a

wide there as it is tall!  If it hadn't been raining I probably woulda' just strapped it to the roof rack, but...

discretion being the better part of valour...I decided to call Mom-tomic and procure the use of her van

to move the sofa.  When she saw the pics, she was more than happy to help.  Well of course!  She knew

how great it was gonna look in the shop.  Where it now sits...waiting for come take it home.


  1. That is so far from your usual fare, and yet so very Hollywood Regencyesque. It has glamor. Can't you just see Marilyn reclining on it in her dressing room? Interesting choice!

  2. It's called a "fainting couch." Explaining why may veer toward the sordid.