Sunday, March 17, 2013

'Tis Been A Weekend Of Project Procurement Here At Mr. Modtomic. It All Started Friday Night After Work When I Picked Up This Danish Style Lounge Chair. Status: Late Night Pickup.


Like I really need more projects around here, but you know the old adage: Strike While The Iron Is Hot.  My greatest fear is that C-list does something stupid to ruin itself and that well runs dry.  I feel much more comfortable with a buffer of "stuff" should disaster strike.


Plus, this is a cool looking chair!  It's got some great details like the up-swept arms and the angled rear

legs.  It's sporting sturdy construction but lacks the usual capacity to be easily broken down that you find

in many of these chairs and I didn't find a maker mark upon quick inspection.  When I get around to

cleaning it up further I might find out who made it though.


The cushions need to be cleaned and I wish that they had zippers so I could just toss the covers in the

washer. As it stands I'll have to use my carpet / upholstery cleaning machine on 'em. We'll have to see

how that turns out later. I may just go with new cushions in the end. I need to learn to make covers for

cushions anyway...or find an upholstery guy! Oh, and like I said...this isn't the only cool project I picked

up and need to get started on this weekend. More to come!

1 comment:

  1. Good looking chair! Even if these had zippers you'd have to pop the buttons and retie them after cleaning.