Thursday, March 21, 2013

Another Rosewood Dining Loveliness Acquisition. This Dyrlund Lotus "Flip Flap" Dining Table Was Not What I Was After, But It Came Along For The Ride! Status: Magnificent, and already gone.


Over the weekend I managed to acquire a set of very fine Rosewood Kai Kristiansen dining chairs for our humble abode.  Part of that score was this also very fine Rosewood Lotus table manufactured by Dyrlund.  You might think me crazy, but this is not a keeper.  I'm far to enamored of my Florence Knoll dining table to give it up.


Maybe I just need another dining room?  No no...that's just crazy talk!  Right?  Nope, decision made,

this amazing dining table will find a new home.  I just can't keep it.  It's the wrong shape for our dining

room anyway.  And when the leaves are's just too Big!


Wow, just look at that Rosewood.  It's just so gorgeous that it's a shame we aren't surrounded by it more

in our everyday lives.  But Rosewood is not cheap (Brazilian Rosewood is an endangered species) and it's

a very hard wood.  This is perhaps why we don't see as much of it as maybe we'd like.


But almost as interesting as the marvelous graining in the wood is the ingenious leaf expansion trickery this

table pulls off.  Closed, the table measures a touch over 43".  There are four folded panels tucked away

under the top that pull out and "flip" over to expand the table to a sizable 59".  Oh, and you might have

noticed in the photos that there are more than the six Kai Kristiansen "Z" dining chairs that I blogged

about a few days ago
.  Yeah, there are actually ten in all.


Unfortunately, the "extra" four chairs are in various states.  Three of them need to be upholstered but

have also been modified with glue blocks and screws to (I'm guessing) shore up the frames and legs.

The repairs are signed and dated on the glue blocks.  Weird.  The last chair is ganked pretty bad.  The

left "arm" was broken off and there is some lose of wood at the break.  It's not a simple fix by any

estimation.  I'm kind of at a loss as to what to do with these extra chairs.


Even the pedestal base is made of Rosewood.  This was not a cheap table!   I haven't seen any like this

on eBay lately.  I've only seen it listed by independent dealers for big bucks but I'd like to find out what

the real world thinks this is worth.  Not that it matters, but I can't even find one on 1stDibs!


  1. Stunning table! Please tell me you didn't scratch it by placing the chairs on it.

  2. Here's one from one of my local indie shops - $1100!! Caryn

  3. You could just donate the extra chairs to me...... :)

  4. It's interesting...most of the ones I've seen are teak, and whether teak or rosewood have 4 legs on the perimeter rather than the x-shaped pedestal. Without the leaves extended, it's easier to squeeze an extra person or two at a round pedestal table.

  5. I am interested in purchasing the table. What are you asking?

    1. Shoot me a note via e-mail and we can work something out.

      Mr. M

  6. Is this still available?

  7. Can you advise a rough value/sale price for this item - I just discovered these tables and I would love to hunt one down - finances permitting! (