Saturday, March 2, 2013

Too Much Of A Good Thing. It Don't Happen All That Often But I Had To Leave Behind A Stunning Scandinavian Dining Table And Chairs Today. Status: Available.


The Girlfriend and I dropped by the family shop - Fleur De Lis Home Source - this afternoon to relieve my Mom, hang out for a while and drop off / tag up some more smalls.  After closing up, naturally we headed out to the local thrifts.  Just a short drive away we found this lovely Benny Linden dining set, but I've already got two others!


Ohhhh...I so wanted to load this up and take it home with me!  I had to be more pragmatic with myself

and generous with my readers.  I left it behind and am letting YOU know where to get it!  The St. Vincent

De Paul thrift store in St. Charles (1069 Regency Parkway St. Charles, MO 63303) won't be open

Sunday so you better get there early on Monday.  I don't know how much will power I have so I may

head back over on Tuesday to see if it got claimed.  If not...well, you'll be reading about it here again!


The set is far from perfect.  Someone gave re-gluing the structure the old "high school try".  They didn't

bother (thankfully) with the joint between the arm and the front leg on this chair.  Not all of the chairs are

in need of such help but the upholstery on at least one is toast.  It's really not as bad as it looks.  That

awful glue looks like it could be easily removed and a proper glue job would be easy.  Nothing seems

broken.  The backrests were all loose but could easily be tightened.  The table seemed solid too.


And where else you gonna find such a beautiful set for just $65?!  That is such a bargain!  A weekend

of joint repair and wood cleanup and another of stapling some new fabric onto the cushions and you'll

be able drop you new teak danish dining set in your dining room!  You might have all of $100 - $120

invested when finished.


Anyway, if you're bored Sunday, Mr. Modtomic and possibly The Girlfriend will be at Fleur De Lis -

Home Source 1105 N. 2nd Street St. Charles Mo 63301 from about 10am until 5pm. Stop by, say hi

and check out the shops in Frenchtown. There's a couple other antique shops and a small antique

mall right down the street!

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  1. A deal at twice the price! Just a bit too far to come and get it though! Looks like a pretty quick fix...