Monday, March 11, 2013

Good Morning All. Sorry This Is A Little Late...Had Some Trouble Uploading The Photos Of This Lovely Carlo Parisi Painting That I Found At The Goodwill Sunday. Status: Wanting For A Nicer Frame / Mat.


Yeah, I couldn't get these photos to upload last night at all.  Flickr's newer uploader kept failing to "publish" so this morning I got the bright idea  to try the "old" uploader and it worked just fine.  Anywayz, I think this is an original painting but I'm not 100% sure.

I hope that everyone here is mature enough to not be offended by the nature of this painting.  I got to

admit, I was a little embarrassed to buy it, not because of the nature of the subject so much as how

utterly cliche it was for ME to be buying it.  Honestly, if it would have obviously been a print I would

have left it behind. But is it an original painting?  Not sure.


The piece "feels" like a painting.  It's got a certain thickness to it but I can't really make out the brush

strokes in the medium.  Can a painting be reproduced in acrylic or oil on canvas in a print form?  I'm

just not that educated on the subject.


I can't make out what that stamp says on the back.  It's probably where the piece was purchased.  It

looks like Carlo Parisi was more famous for his works depicting crying children, which I find a strange

subject to paint.  But then it looks like he was copying another more well know artist who was doing

the same.  Strange.  I'm glad a found a more appealing piece!


  1. I worked for an artist about 10 years ago who sold mainly "giclee" prints of his work. I don't remember what kind of ink was used, but they definitely printed on canvas. He'd been doing it for a while--maybe since the 80s? The works were still pretty pricey though, even as prints. Hope that helps.

  2. Hey Mr. Mod
    I could be wrong but I dont think the technology to make prints on canvas existed back in the 60s. Nowadays they can print on anything, what people do is giclee print on canvas then go over it with a clear medium to give it texture.
    Just my 2 cents.

  3. It is a canvas print of an original. The technology has been around for decades (like screen printing, my mom made hockey jerseys for a sporting store in the 70s), they can still have value just not as much as an original. I'm a huge fan of "Group of Seven"(1920-1930s Canadian landscape artists)and I would be very happy if I could find one of there prints in the condition your print is in.

  4. Yea, I've landed a couple of prints on canvas. Nothing as cool as that though. Very sexy.