Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pop That Bottle Sir And Let's Have A Glass Of The Vino! Make Mine Chardonnay. I Picked Up This Pretty Little Painting For My Mom's Part Of The Shop. Status: More Smalls.


I found a couple of nice pieces of art over the weekend that'll soon make their way to the shop along with another nice set of cut glass starburst juice glasses.


Yeah, you're right...not really my style, but stylish none the less!  This, I believe, will fall right in line with

my Mom's part of the shop.  I have a feeling that she might even want to keep this for herself.


I looked around a little on the web for any other Daniel Calarro paintings but came up empty handed. 

It is a genuine painting and not a print...but it probably don't count for much since the artist seems to be

completely obscure.  But hey, pretty girls knocking back bottles of wine...what's not to love?!


This one's for my side of the shop, of course.  Again, I looked and looked for anything else, scratch

art or otherwise, by this J Hovorka but found nothing.  At any rate, this J Hovorka guy was pretty

skilled at the scratch board art and did a great job on this owl.  Again, it's an original piece and not a

reproduction.  Just wish I could find out more about these artist!


On top of finding some sweet art I managed to pick up another nice set of six starburst small glasses. 

These could be used as slightly large juice glasses but are actually properly sized "pony" beer glasses! 

Remember Ponies?  There's still a bar in St. Louis down in Soulard near the Anheuser Busch brewery

that serves a pony draft for a buck. 

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  1. I've had tons of great original MCM art come through the store that I haven't been able to find any info on. Hey, if it's a nice piece I could care less. Art is very subjective and these pieces always go to a new home regardless of attribution!