Saturday, March 23, 2013

Bonus Craigslist Score. Check Out This Amazing Retro Tension Pole Lamp That I Picked Up When I Got The Pearsall Biomorphic Coffee Table Thursday. It's Definitely One Of The Coolest I've Ever Seen. Status: To Keep Or Flip...That Is The Question.


Don't these look like onion bulbs?  I guess it makes a play on words sorta way...since they put out light, you a bulb.  Aaaaanyway, I managed to get THESE shades home without breaking even a one of 'em.


You may recall that the last time I brought home a really cool light fixture like this, I broke one of the

delicate glass shades when loading it into Frank.  Karma has come around again.  This super cool

tension pole light goes a long way toward salving that ouchie.  I still kinda cry a little when I think about

the other lamp though.  Maybe some day I'll find a replacement shade for it.  'Til then, check it out...

the seller even had coordinating bulbs in the fixture!  The yellow one is SO much brighter than the red

or blue, that's why the photo is darker.  The lamp doesn't really need the colored bulbs because the

shades are painted on the inside; yellow, red and blue.


I set the lamp up outside on our porch area because the spring seemed really strong and I didn't want

to damage the ceiling in the foyer just to shoot some quick photos.  When I started setting this up

though, I realized why the spring is so strong.  After placing the pole, and believing that it was plenty

tight, I started hanging the ceramic shades.  Each shade has a plug on it's chain.  When I hung the

second one I noticed that the top was no longer snug against that beam and had to pull them both

back off.  I put a riser under the bottom of the pole to compress the spring more and that took care

of the issue, but I learned why the spring is so strong!  No I'm stuck as to whether to flip this or set

it up in the living room.  I doubt I'll find another any time soon, so I may just keep it!


  1. That's an incredibly cool light. Great find!

  2. I NEVER find these...and I've been searching for one since I was in high school. I mean, I find them in shops for insane amounts of money, but never on CL or yard sales or estate sales or anywhere else that's in my budgie. Throw some of that good tension lamp karma my way, please and thank you! Super jealous!

    1. One bit of advice that I can give to anybody who is in this type situation - where they can't find something they really really want, except at a premium in a shop - is to build up to just splurging on it! Buy a $20 coffee table at a thrift store, clean it up, take some sexy pictures of it and sell it on craigslist for $60. Take that $60 and buy two $30 items you can flip for $90. If you keep track you'll find that you'll have become able to buy that expensive item for just the initial $20 investment...maybe less! Plus you've kept usable items out of the landfill, helped a charitable cause, helped someone who might not feel comfortable with thrifting, find that table or whatever and then, by buying the expensive item you've had your eye on, helped to move our economy forward and helped a local business. Nothing but good Karma!

    2. I can always get behind making sure some of these really nice pieces don't meet the landfill. That said, "used" furniture is not at a premium and be carefull what you buy to flip! There are tons of reproductions and a bunch of stuff that has the look that are junk!

  3. Oh, I think you must keep it for a while, at least!

  4. That one I would have to add to my own collection. She's pretty.