Thursday, March 7, 2013

I Was Poking Around Out In The Garage And Stumbled Across Some Fine Aluminum Bits That I've Had For Some Time. Thought I'd Clean 'Em Up And Show 'Em Off! Status: Aluminated!


I'd totally forgot I had these items!  I was looking for something else entirely but found these Hallite pans and Steak N Shake window tray instead.  ::Shrugg:: Whatever...these are cool!


These old aluminum Hallite pans and lids are in pretty good shape.  They aren't exactly mint but they're

certainly usable.  The handle on the larger pot has got a split in it too but it looks like they'd be easy to

replace if another with a good handle and maybe missing a lid came along.  Wait, doesn't aluminum

cookware cause memory loss?  I can't remember.


This was a true find.  I got this from a thrift a while back and I remember being thrilled.  Hot Rod-ers love

to nab up these Steak N Shake window trays to hang off there vintage tin at car shows.  I'm glad I found

it.  Now I can hang a tag off it and drop it off at The Green Shag Market antique mall!  Honestly that's

why I bought it so many years ago.  This little gem is going to make some car buff Very Happy!

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