Friday, November 21, 2014

Yea!!! Look At All That Melted Snow...Wait. Well, You Know What I Mean. It's Gone. In Its Place: Five More Erik Buck Teak Dining Chairs. That Makes An Even Dozen. Status: Finally.


I've had Seven of these Erik Buck dining chairs floating around here for ages now.  You know I can't stand having uneven sets, right?  So those Seven have been pushed both to the back of the garage as well as my brain.  Not so anymore.


One of the first chairs I ever flipped on craigslist was (unbeknownst to me at the time) actually an

Erik Buck chair very much like one of these.  It had the unfortunate luck to have been shade tree

mechanic fixed with a cable, eyehooks and a turnbuckle I guess to tighten up loosened glue joints. 

Still, somebody out there paid a pittance for it, $40...Six years and 14 days ago!  Ah, the early days. 

It's fun to rummage back through my old e-mails to see how the ball got rolling.


So, that I've got an even (and huge) number of these - off to Jeff to be re-covered they will

go.  First I'll need to drag them ALL outside to be sure that the wood finish does indeed match, or at

least full sets of them do, then I'll have them all upholstered in matching fabric.  I guess it's a good

thing that they ALL have stained fabric.  No hemming or hawing on that decision.  I've actually had

amazing luck finding these chairs.  I shifted another set of four through the booth at The Green Shag

during my early days there.  So what's that total out to then?  17 Erik Buck chairs so the pair

of barstools that I'll probably never let go of.  Yup, that's pretty good luck!


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    1. Hi John

      You know...I once (yeah right, just that ONE time!) wished for a million bucks. I wonder if this is just the beginning?!