Sunday, November 16, 2014

After Moving More Items From My Booth At The Shag I Figured It Might Be Time To Get The Holiday Items Down There. It Took Forever To Get That BIG Tree Up! Status: Jingle All The Way!


Just 38 days left until Christmas!  You got your shopping done?  If not, well...keep in mind that small businesses REALLY appreciate your patronage...and are about the only place you're probably gonna find a 7 foot tall aluminum "Sparkler" Christmas tree!


This gigantic aluminum tree is only the second tree of this sort that I've had the pleasure of offering.

Last year I had one in my small booth at the Antique Mall of Creve Coeur that got snatched very

quickly.  This one is MUCH larger...perhaps the largest I've ever seen but alas, it is not perfect.  There

are two branches that are partially stripped of sparkle.  They can easily be hidden at the back of the

tree.  I put one on the top and the tag on the other so that any potential new owner will know exactly

what they are getting.  Otherwise, it is a beautiful tree...don't ya think?


Inside the tree box there were a couple of extra holiday decorations.  I went ahead and tagged those

up too as well as the Joseph, Mary and Jesus lighted blow molds.  The one thing I forgot to bring

down was the ceramic Christmas tree that I featured a few weeks back.  I'll get it down there soon.

Maybe even Monday afternoon.


Mr. M isn't the only vendor offering up some fantastic holiday decor.  A quick look around turned up

quite a few "trees".  Some are large some are very small.  I'm sure a the big day approaches more will

turn up too.  Some of the vendors seem to even have vintage ornaments available.  I don't know for

sure, I can't tell a vintage ornament from a contemporary one. 

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