Sunday, November 23, 2014

Last Night We Decided To Try The Dinner Menu At Rooster On Grand. Since We Were Mere Footsteps From Rocket Century, A Visit With Proprietor Kristina Seemed Like A Good Idea. Shot A Little Video While Hanging Out. Status: Perused.

Rocket Century

Never had a chance to hang out at Rocket Century and groan and sigh over all the pretty things you'd totally want to haul home?  Well, here's an opportunity to see what you've been missing.  I'm still on the upward stroke of the video learning curve, but I think this is my best one yet.

The joint is wish list heaven, and every time we stop by there's new stuff to gee-gawk over.  One of

the strengths of Rocket Century is that, even though it is still a small storefront shop, it boasts more

than four individual vendors with slightly different takes on what Vintage Modern items to have on

hand.  Obviously there is a thick rope of continuity within the various tastes the vendors bring, but it's

easy to see that having more than one brain at work makes for a better variety for browsers and

buyers.  Now, if you see something you like, don't mess may not be there long!


  1. Hi Dana.

    Thanks so much. I'm working hard to improve my video making chops. Much like shooting pics, I try to take decent video to begin with so there doesn't need to be so much editing later. The tough part is finding appropriate (and royalty free!) music that both fits the feel of the footage and is of or about the same length as the end product.

  2. seriously improved video. like the music, rather than the yakking. well done!

  3. You did a great job on the video, MMT! This is a vast improvement over your first and it’s obvious you’ve been honing your skills. The panning speed and smoothness, both vertical and horizontal were perfect! I enjoyed it very much! -midmichigan

    1. Hi MidMichigan.

      Thanks for the kind words. What I learned while making this video is that I have to "lock" the ISO and the exposure. I had to do some digging around in both the manual and the camera's menus to figure it out and I'm still getting a feel for the levels and where to lock them. Take a look at the An Orange Moon video to see the difference.