Thursday, November 20, 2014

Sorry About Being So MIA Lately. No (Good) Excusses, Just Lazy And Adjusting To The SUDDEN Cold The Midwest Has Been Slathered In. Here's A Couple Smalls I've Picked Up Lately What Be Headed To The Shag. Status: Available.


Sorry, I know...  No no, I haven't been avoiding you!  No really, it's not's me.  I've been kinda lame.  Once it got cold I just stopped.  Pretty much stopped everything but going to work and keeping the booths stocked.


Party season is upon us.  The cooler (or just stupid and sudden cold if you're here in STL) weather

means more people + smaller space = cozy instead of crowded.  But, to get those folks to show you

know what ya gotta do.  Ya gotta feed and water them properly.  So when you're out stretching your

legs at your local antique malls be sure to look for snazzy sharp barware are serving pieces.


To that end I picked up this colorfully decorated chip and dip bowl to drop into my booth at The

Green Shag.  It's got an "España" motif, which may not be so much Holiday Season but we always

have tortillas and salsa/guacamole at our, there's that.


I also found a fantastic set of chrome rimmed tumblers with decorative cuts.  I don't usually find

glassware that has both attributes so this was quite a score.  I'd keep them for my own collection, if I

didn't already have so much.  So some lucky shopper out there will get to snatch these up to impress

they're own party peeps.


Speaking of snatching things up, along with many other vendors, Mr. Modtomic is offering a Black

Friday 20% discount at The Green Shag Market.  It's one day only (Friday, November 28) so mark

your calendars.  I'm going to try and pack the booth a little extra full to make sure there's lots to

choose from.  There's probably no need to line up outside the door the night before...but then again,

pretty much every item is One and Done!


  1. Nice glasses, indeed. I like the small cuts around them; maybe it’s for the social user to get a better grip after a few cocktails, who knows. It’s cold here too and Lake Michigan is dumping this white crap on us that we have to push into piles until spring. I’m just glad it doesn’t stink. -midmichigan

    1. Hi Midmichigan

      I'm a big ol' wimp 'bout the cold. You'd prolly laugh your butt off at what I'm complaining about. I think you're right about the cuts. Extra grip for the part timers.