Thursday, November 13, 2014

If You Can't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em...At Least Until You Can Beat 'Em! Yes, I Have Joined The Throngs Of Knockoff Eames Lounge Chair Owners Out There. But Rest Assured, It's Just A Place Keeper! Status: Temporary.


At a Third of the full online price, picking up this "Angus" Eames Lounger & Ottoman from a craigslist seller was a no brainer. It's basically brand new...with a few minor issues.


You see, this was sold from a business as a returned item. It's got a few minor scratches on

the shell and another on one of the aluminum brackets holding the headrest, but nothing

major. There is also a "dent" in the armrest cushion that seems to be slowly working itself

out. Somebody must have left either the ottoman or perhaps the base of this chair sitting

on it for too long in storage. At any rate, the leather has not been affected and is in great

shape otherwise. To save $800 plus shipping...yeah, I think I can live with these trifles.


So It's time to move out my previous place keeper, the George Mulhause lounger and

ottoman that I re-upholstered a couple years ago. Plus a few other pieces have to be moved

to make room, but I think this will be around until the real deal shows up. We'll have to see. I

do have to say that I'm surprised to find that I'm surprised to find out that this, like a real

Herman Miller unit, doesn't recline like the myriad of cheap knockoffs out there. HUH! Will

napping be hampered? I guess we're gonna find out!


PS, note the snowflake on the armrest? Yeah, it done got COLD here in the Lou!


  1. Sweet chair, I wasn't aware that the Eames chair did not recline. I've owned a Plycraft knockoff for about 30 years that I bought new from a local Danish Modern store in Northampton. They were built in Gardner, Ma so I liked that I was buying local. It's the most comfortable chair I have ever sat in and I have spent thousand of hours reclined, with headphones on, listening to music. Enjoy your new chair, it looks super comfortable too.

  2. Whaaaat!!! No snow?!! Everyone should have snow. If I have it so should everyone else. I’m envious of your dead leaves. Nice chair.