Friday, November 14, 2014

The Name Ward Bennett Rang A Bell, The Craftsmanship Caught My Eye And The Price Sold Me On This Leather And Ash Lamp Table. Status: Farm Fresh.


I haven't found many tables like this on the web to compare this to but I have seen a couple on 1stDibs. That doesn't necessarily indicate a "home run", but it's a good sign none the less. And, this one isn't so much perfect...but for Eight bucks? C'mon!


It was those sculptured joints that got me. I knew that this table HAD to be something

interesting. A quick flip and look at the bottom confirmed my initial diagnosis. Ward

Bennett. Ward Bennett designed some really cool pieces for Brickel like this amazing mod

take on the classic leather Chesterfield sofa. This table consists of an Ash frame with a

Mahogany finish and two leather covered tops.  Why leather?  You got me.


I'm not sure that I'll be able to find many others around here who will recognize this as a

collection worthy piece so I'm not gonna fool with it much more than a general clean up.

Hopefully it'll find a new home with someone who truely appreciates it, if not someone who

will restore it to its original glory. The leather may be too far gone to least that on

the upper level, so I might remove and replace both and save the piece from the lower level

for another (small) project. What do You think about this little lamp table? Could you have

left it behind?


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