Monday, November 3, 2014

I Just Got Home From New Orleans And I Got Some Great Shots Of One Of My Favorite Shops There, But Then I Found This AMAZING Music Video Of The Broadway Antique Market (BAM) In Chicago And I Just HAD To Share! Status: Only 51 Days 'Til Christmas!


You've no doubt seen this photo heading up a post before...but that was over TWO years ago!  Click through to enjoy a Pro shot video (hey, I'll get there some day) and see some of the fantastic item you might find there as well as a wonderfully sung song (that I think we can all can relate to) by Jordan Phelps.

How can you not just love this video?! And don't it make you want to visit BAM so badly?! I'd like to

think that my meager attempts at video blogging inspired this...but probably not. Still, I wanted to

take a moment today and share it with you all. I know you'll love it if you get a chance to watch it. I'll

be back soon with a post on Loisel Vintage Modern in NOLA. Would have posted that while IN New

Orleans, but my battery died in my new camera before I could off load the pics, and I forgot the


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  1. I received a tweet about this video because I follow your escapades! Ha ha! Loved it!