Thursday, November 6, 2014

Of Course, While I Was Down South Slacking...I Still Had To Rake Through Craigslist Every So Often. The Last Day There I Turned Up This Pair! Status: Knockoffs...But Still Attractive.


Even though these are SO not Knoll / Bertoia they will still do the job and look good doing it...and lighten a pocket book considerably less doing so. These popped up on craigslist during the last few hours I was in New Orleans. I had e-mails out on a number of items all weekend but this was all that panned out.


Yes, even though there is a PRONOUNCED difference in the amount of postings between

the NOLA craigslist and the STL craigslist (ours being quite a bit more busy), if one is

diligent there are still plenty of opportunities to find great items in the crescent city. I didn't

make bringing home a car full of loot a priority...but I'm still gonna look! I managed to miss

out on a trio of black nesting Dot & Bo accent tables as well as some reproduction Le

Corbusier chairs and a lounger. I almost pulled the trigger on a full Danish Modern Dyrlund

teak dining suite but though better of hauling that home having a ten hour drive ahead of



The set of chrome barstools I did bring home is in great shape except for a few missing

feet. Something tells me I won't be able to pick these up at True Value, but I'm gonna look

anyway. I may just have to replace them all with a different style. In any case, these should

be available soon. I need to do a little restocking in both booths sincethings have been

disappearing daily. I'd like to get some bars set up since party season is just around the

corner...not that I'm certain that it being so will move bars. Like everything else, it's just a


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