Sunday, November 9, 2014

That Booth Of Mine, Down There At The Green Shag Market, Keeps Changing And Changing! The Big Brown Sofa Moved And The Space Was Sparse, So A Little Delivery Was In Order. Status: Restocked!


So I never did get an opportunity to shoot and feature the gorgeous long brown sofa that I had in here, but thankfully Nick (of Midcentury Midwest) shot a few photos while it was in there...if you'd like to take a peek!  But it went by by quite quickly, so I had to bring in more stuff!


Lots of smalls.  These IKEA shelves are the best way I've found to display smalls.  They were a

craigslist find so they were affordable and they have glass shelves so the ambient light flows through...

which is always at a premium in an antique mall.  One of these days I'll do a post (or maybe a book!)

on tips and suggestions for hawking at an antique mall based on my experience.  What I can tell you

now is that the Fall seems to always be a good season for me.


I'm quite lucky in that The Green Shag has rafters holding up the high ceiling that we can hang all

sorts of stuff from.  Alas, the florescent lighting is way up there too.  Hanging some cool lighting at a

lower level is a must.  It's great that the staff has no problem hanging and pulling these pieces for me

since they move pretty quickly too.


What I can't make suggestions on is what type of items will move.  Sometimes I can't keep dining

tables from walking out the front door...other times they just sit and gather dust.  Nothing seems

immune.  Unless you are pricing very very low, you can't count on anything moving with regularity. 

This wouldn't be a problem if you could count on a steady supply of anything in particular...but even

here in St. Louis you gotta deal with what falls in your lap.


  1. Perhaps just rotate items with other stuff occasionally so it looks new or just move it to a different spot in your booth. I like it when antique stores do this.

    1. Hi John.

      That is always a great idea, alas...even bringing in new stock can be a challenge when you've also got a full time job. Still, we try!