Saturday, November 1, 2014

Posting Live From NOLA! The Entire Modtomic Clan Dropped By A Nursery And I Spotted Some Pretty Cool Patio Furniture There. Come On In And Check It Out! Status: Big And Easy.


Momtomic and the Sis wanted to stop by American Aquatic Gardens and Gifts today and I just happened to be along for the ride.  I didn't think I'd find anything we'd really be all that interested in but BAM, found some cool patio the place is just beautiful.


The first thing I noticed was the large welded steel modern yard art.  Here in New Orleans you'll find

LOTS of yard art, especially near the French Quarter and the Garden District.  It's a serious contrast

to the state of the streets and many of the buildings.  Given this city is just a drained swamp, it's

understandable that the streets would deteriorate so badly...but damn, you just about need a 4X4 to

navigate some of them!


I did NOT expect to Salterini style hoop chairs at this garden and water feature supply shop.  They

aren't as "fine" as something like Salterini, Woodard or Homecrest, but they look like they'll last just

as long.  Plus, they're something a little different.  While the above mentioned utilize expanded steel

mesh, I really like the punched hole panels on these chairs.


And how about that lattice lace style mesh on this loveseat style chair?  Ain't that something else?! 

You can bet that if you had this in St. Louis you'd be the only one for miles.  That Chartreuse is a real

pop of color too.  $259 might seem steep...until you price the same vintage Salterini seat.  You'll pay

about twice that on eBay.


They actually had lots of cool patio furniture in different styles.  None were priced ridiculously high. 

Here in NOLA you got to have you some patio or porch furniture.  The beautiful weather demands it. 

I bet this place does an amazing amount of business being just a couple of blocks away from the

French Quarter.


Then, after leaving the Quarter we dropped by another shop that seems to be half Mexican import

welded steel yard art and half small antique mall.  I spotted these total knockoff Acapulco chairs

there.  There are solid steel, no stretchy cording to cushion your butt.  You'd think they wouldn't be

comfortable but they actually are.  Now, I wouldn't want to have to sit in them for hours, but for a

little while, they aren't too bad.  Maybe toss a cushion on there.  Oh, and did you notice the cup




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