Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sunday Night, Upon Arriving Home After Dropping By CCAM To Pays My Rent, This Sprung Up On Craigslist...And Right Back Out The Door I Went. A Genuine Jens Risom / Knoll Chair? Yes, Thank You! Status: Soon To Be Avialable.


Well, this ain't an every day occurrence!  Genuine Knoll, well known designer pieces for bargain prices (even on craigslist) are always a welcome if infrequent find.  Luckily I spotted this one about an hour after it was listed.  A half hour later it was in the back of the car.


Who doesn't love the simple clean design of the early 1940s Jens Risom strap chair?  I like to think

the design was based around the idea of breaking down a chair to it's most modest elements: frame

and strap.  This is what a lot of much more ornate chairs might resemble if all the padding, upholstery

and ornamentation were to disappear.  I imagine this was a hard sell in the '40s!


I was happy to find the chair had a lovely walnut frame as apposed to what I presume is a more

common blonde maple.  The strap is in excellent condition too.  No stains or real wear.  Given the

little placard I assume this is a version produced after Knoll started making the 654 chair again in

1994.  At any rate, it's not gonna cost it's next owner the almost $1,000 a new one from Knoll would. 

Keep an eye out for it in one or the other of my booths soon!

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