Friday, November 7, 2014

I've Featured The Treasure Aisle Antique Mall Before, But Something Was A Little Different This Time. There Just Wasn't Quite The Selection Of Vintage Modern That I've Come To Expect This Time Around. Still, For A Midwest Antique Mall...It's Not Too Shabby A Place To Shop. Status: Change Of Vendors?


I'm not sure if there a just a number of new vendors or if the current crew are changing their tune, but the stock of what WE like to find seemed kinda thin at Treasure Aisle this visit.  I'm hoping it's not a trend.


Just like many other antique malls around town and even further out, there are a few dedicated mid

century modern dealers here at Treasure Aisle.  In these booths you can always find a plethora of

vintage goodness.  Just look at that fantastic lane bedroom set and Curtis Jere world map.


I actually put in for booth space here back before I got in at The Antique Mall of Creve Coeur.  That

was a blessing in disguise since I ended up with so much space for my rent dollar out there.  It is a

shame though, I think I would have done good here.  Alas, there is a very long wait list for booth



Strictly vintage modern or not, there's always some cool stuff to be found here.  I'm not sure what that

huge brass (bronze?) light fixture is for, but it's definitely interesting!  And hey look, somebody is

hawking vintage boomboxes!  'Bout time.  Whatchya think about that big Dansk paella pan?  Is it

making you hungry too?


  1. I've got a big Dansk Paella Pan like that , I think it's time to sell since I've never used it. Gotta strike while the paella pan is hot! :-)

    1. The Girlfriend introduced me to Paella a few years ago. One of my favorite dishes. Hmmmm...maybe it's time to pay a visit to Barcelona (local restaurant) this weekend! I wish I liked to cook as much as I do eating! I'd wear a Paella pan out!