Sunday, July 3, 2011

Lil' Thrift Adventure Today. Didn't Buy Much But I Thought I'd Let Ya's In On What I Peeped. Status: It's All Out There Still!


Yep, spotted lots of stuff. Nothing I just had to bring home though. So if you see something it's probably still available!

Ugh, I can't remember the name of the first thrift store. It's where I got the amazing Witco art

recently. They had a few good items...and on a Saturday afternoon no less! or eight years of hitting the thrift circuit you'd think I would have figured out

that Saturday afternoon might not be the best time to hit the shops. Everything's been picked

over already! Anyway, this place is directly across St. Charles Rock Road from Unique Thrift if

you are interested in checking it out.




I tried to get a good pic of the stamp on the bottom but to no avail.  It's a McCoy piece.


Cool stuff all. I just couldn't pull the trigger on it. I kinda fell like I should have snatched up the

Flame N Frost pots. Good lookin' stuff that. The rest of this was all at the Salvation Army in the

Grandview Plz Shp Ctr just off 270 and Washington Ave.







Wow, anybody need a mid century dresser? Nothing to go crazy over but all good pieces.

Maybe they could be good fodder for a before and after. Hit one with the super glossy white

paint. And that green chair? Pretty cool...pretty cheap! Need some carnival glassware?


  1. Hey Mr. Mod -- ever seen a modernist cedar chest? I don't think I have, and there's one for sale at a country auction near me tomorrow:

    Hmmm, should I go bid on it?


  2. Went to grandview yesterday with Liz for the first time and nearly picked up that green chair for the office... It was missing a floor pad, which would have been easy to fix I'm sure. We ended up leaving it there thinking if it was cool we would see it on your blog. Lol. The teachers desk was cool, but had too much damage to the top for my tastes... ~Tim~

  3. I love, love, love that green chair.

  4. Maggie - I spotted that exact same cedar blanket chest at the Wentzville Flea Market Sunday! I was just to hot and tired to even go look at the price. If you bid on it don't bid too much...maybe $35 - $50? I have seen these in our thrift stores from time to time. Don't know where you are at or what the availability of this stuff is near you.

    Tim - Ha! You saw it too. The chair is a Krueger I think. You know, that desk really intrigues me. It's got a real Frank Lloyd Wright thing going for it. It would look so right in one of the Craftsman Bungalows on the south side. And it is made of some beautiful wood.

    Eartha K - and it's only like $7! I just can't keep buying everything though.

  5. lovely stuff, a little pricey for me i guess

  6. Yowza -- got the modern cedar chest for FIVE BUCKS. (Modern items don't have much of an audience here in South Carolina.)

    Not bad shape, just a few finish problems. Now to hunt down some of that magic antique refinish juice that did such a fab job on your Acclaim tables.