Thursday, July 7, 2011

I Found This Vintage Print Of A Pantera Sports Car Yesterday At The Goodwill. Thought It Might Be An Orig. Watercolor. Status: Nope...Just A Print.


In the '80s there were like all your obvious dream cars: Porsche 911 Turbo, Ferrari 308 GTB Bi-Turbo, Lamborghini Countach, and some might include the Corvette or even the Lotus Esprit Turbo...but I always had a spot in my heart for the Pantera. It's half Sports Car and half Muscle Car. It's the Super Car you could work on in your garage.


The print isn't in excellent condition. I could see that when I bought it but I was hoping that it

was an original painting. Who knows what something like this would be worth if it's an original,

right? I'm still enamored with it. I'll just reframe it so that the stained edges don't show.


I was still hoping it was a painting after I unframed it. There isn't the tell tale "Circa" and all that

printed on it anywhere. How can one tell if this is a lithograph or a painting just by looking at the

subject matter? I don't know. I did a Google Image search for: "watercolor pantera" and found

an identical litho for sale on eBay. I think that pretty much nails the coffin shut on the Orig.

Watercolor hopes.


I guess if you look at the close up of the sig. pic in the largest size you can see the print matrix

or whatever you call that. I can't pick that out with my naked eye. Wish I knew more about the

artist. Did this person do more pieces like this?


This style of technique is IMHO so of the '70s just like the Pantera. Perfect combination! So this

posting goes out the all the fellas who read Mr. Modtomic and are tired of all the dishes and

clothes irons and glassware. I know it's not a real supercar...but it's still pretty much "Guy Stuff"

(even if it is art!).


Nothing on the back except some light pencil marks.


  1. though a litho..its wonderful

  2. Really cool vintage vibe to it. I like vintage architectural prints and pick them up when I can.

  3. just found this post via a google search. I just pulled a large envelope down from the attic of a home my wife and I just moved into. In it were 4 prints. They are a pantera (same as yours), porsche, ferrari and a jag. All appear to be the same artist. came with little sticker plaques describing each car. Looks like a promo item from a magazine or something? nothing in the envelope or on the prints says who they are from though.