Monday, July 11, 2011

A couple of new Ladies in my life! Shhhh...Don't Tell My Girlfriend! Status: Soooo Unavailable - Going Way Back!


I met a couple of lovely ladies on C-list today, decided I should bring 'em home!

What a SCORE this weekend! I have only just gotten them home and cleaned up a little so I

don't even know if they work, but I had to have them. $200 put them in the garage. A few years

ago I had seen just a Pink Lady Kenmore Dryer on C-list just before our summer vacation. I

had contacted the seller and while neither of us seemed to have any idea what it might be

worth, I offered $175...for just a dryer! Well, I got to thinking about the fact that we were

headed to Texas (South Padre Isle) and would be headed to the GIANT (can't stress that

enough) Canton TX Flea Market and might need the extra cash there. So I backed out of the

deal and hoped that it might still be available when my finances recovered. Eh, I missed out. It

was shipped off to CA I later learned. Well, of course that settled it. I would have my vintage

washer and dryer....someday. Today, my friends, is that day!

Click on the pics to see larger versions!

According to the seller, these are 1957s. I haven't done any research of my own yet. Yes, they

are pink! More Pink...I KNOW! My heterosexuality is under serious scrutiny these days. I guess

I'll have to sit and watch a football game or something this weekend. It is football season, right?

UPDATE! Ah ha! They are '59s! I finally found a pic of another on

Pic of '59 Lady Kenmore on

Originally posted: Sunday, September 5, 2010.


  1. It takes a real man to be comfortable buying pink appliances. Those just look built to tackle even the really difficult loads.

  2. OMG - spotted a pink dryer at and estate sale and later a pink stove at another - would have LOVED to have brought them home. Just something irresistible about pink appliances, huh?

  3. holy moley!

    i have never wanted to hump an appliance... until this very moment :X

  4. I have to tell you I just LOVE YOUR BLOG. I have recently tried my hardest to re-furnish our 1950s L-Shaped ranch with Mid Century items for our living room(one room at a time ya know). I'm pretty happy with the outcome but still missing that.....umph. I love checking in to see what you've found!

  5. love vintage appliances like this. but how do we feel about their energy use? anyone?pls weigh in.

  6. Anony - You know...A washer is just electric pump, an electric motor attached to a transmission, a timer and other sundry electronics. How much more efficient have they made these items? Same with dryers. While the pink sweety above is a Gas dryer (much more efficient than electric) they haven't really improved electric heating elements much have they? Maybe they've improved the actuation of the element (turning off when heat is high enough) but electric heat is inherently inefficient. I'd love for someone to do a real test to find out definitively how much of a difference there is.

    1. I totally agree with you...I have a 70's set of Maytags, ( the ones with the crystal dial in the center) I LOVE the way they clean and dry clothes, and I see no difference in the power bill. I have several vintage appliances in my home being used day in and out and no one can tell me they use more electricity. They are more insulated and built to last, besides I had more up to date appliances in my old house, and they didn't seem to save me any money at all with repairs and so on.