Thursday, July 28, 2011

So What's Wrong With This Picture? What Doesn't Seem To Belong....Hmmmmm. Status: Snatched Up - Cleanup / Refinish Started!


Soooo much junque! I almost missed this. It pays to be vigilant! Yeah, it looks rough and is covered in years of dust and cobwebs...but the bones are in good shape and it has lots of potential. Best of all...a $15 adoption fee rescued it!





With this kind of curb appeal, could I resist? I relish the challenge of digging

through all the craziness! Finding an unexpected treasure like a danish modern lamp base

here makes it all the more exciting. That's the stuff!




While the large yellow Frankoma set was right up my alley, this is not the kind of place you'll

Think you are going to find some amazing mid century stuff...but it's the kind of place you

Hope you will! It makes for so much better a story, right? "Oh, I went down to the antique mall

and bought this lamp." just doesn't have the same impact!





So above are all shots of the lamp in it's as purchased state. Yup. Dirty and dusty. The finish is

flaking off here and there but the wood is in Remarkably great shape! This was in an exposed

environment for god knows how long. Not outside but definitely exposed to changes in heat

and humidity. It's a survivor! I gotta bring it back. It deserves it.





I had a little time this morning between working on the Girlfriends car (brakejob) and taking a

45 second shower and darting out the door to try to get to work on time so I thought I'd give

one of the spires (stalks?) a rub down with the Antique Finish Restorer to see what it was going

to look like. It looks great and I thought I'd share so I then cleaned it with some Murphy oil soap

and a quick coat of Feed-N-Wax. I shot the pics above to show the potential. It's going to look

great when I get done. I just wish there were more hours in the day. Feels like I haven't had

time to do hardly anything but what absolutely MUST get done since we got back from



  1. It will be a beauty when you get it finished.

  2. wow! that lamp base is super cool, love it!

  3. Where is this place? It looks like fun!

  4. cant wait to see it all done

  5. Yeah, I can't hardly wait myself! But much to do so little time. I'll still have to figure out a lamp shade for it too.

    Heather - This awesome joint is between Cave City Kentucky and Mammoth Cave National Park. If ever get to that area MAKE SURE you go check out the Wigwam Village motel. We stayed a few nights there and it's RetroTastic!

    The Olde General Store
    802 Mammoth Cave Road
    Cave City, KY 42127
    (270) 773-3300
    Contact: Leroy Alvey

    Hours: 8 am - 5 pm Monday - Saturday
    Description: The most unusual store in the Cave Country. Antiques, collector items, gifts, Minnetonka "Indian" moccasins, White Oak Kentucky Handmade Baskets, Souvenirs and crafts and other old things and stuff. Also visit the potter's shop and see pottery being made.

    The place looks like a couple of episodes of American Pickers got all drunk and puked all over it!

  6. Ha! Thanks for the info. Have you been to TFA's new location yet?