Saturday, July 30, 2011

Gotta Minute? Check Out This Kick *ss Clock Radio! Who Coulda' "Predicta'd" That I'd Bring This Guy Home From Vacation? Status: Lame Word Play.


Another sweet find from Memphis TN. If you live near Memphis, I implore you...check out Antique Warehouse Mall. You are reading this because we share a similar sensibility where vintage modern is concerned, so I know you'll find all manor of goodness for you to clutter up your home (too) with.


Does this (alarm) clock radio just scream "Philco Predicta" or what? The influence is

ridiculously obvious. I just HAD to have it. It's a Longines Symphonette Model LCR 511 Lamp

Clock Radio (LCR, get it!). Luckily it was only $20...At An ANTIQUE MALL (What?). No sir...I did

not hesitate. The truth is...I think the Girlfriend spotted it before I did. The booth it was in was

just rife with SO MUCH COOL STUFF!!!


Yup, everything works. Even the three way brightness of the lamp. This is so unspeakably cool

that I'm replacing a Flip Clock on my bedroom night stand with it! The hands of the clock have

that radio active paint that glows in the dark too. Super Modtomic coolness.


It really is a great little piece of technology. A clock, a radio and a three way desk lamp all in

one neat little package. The only thing it lacks in my opinion is an 1/8" input jack. Then you

could patch your iPod or whatever to it. That would be so cool. I had a cool little Panasonic

desktop radio that had an input like that. I sold it to a guy in New Orleans years ago. It was so

cool. I bought it at an estate sale covered in YEARS of filth. It cleaned up like new. That guy

was happy as a pig know.




This is one of those serendipitous finds that I didn't even know I wanted so bad until it was in

my hands! We almost didn't even go through Memphis as it was not the most efficient or

quickest way for us to get home. It was actually quite by accident that we took that route. You

see...there is a highway 40 in St. Louis but it's not an Interstate 40...where as there is an

Interstate 40 that goes through Memphis, so of course we're like "Highway 40? That'll take us

all the way home!".....we're dumb...but happy!


  1. love it! and one of my fave hunt items is a winding clock :)

  2. That's too cool! I've never seen one like that.

  3. Love it. You can't travel any byway or high way in that part of the country without finding some great flea market or shop.

  4. That contraption is incredible!
    About 6 years ago I drove highway 40 (the National Road) from it's beginning in Cumberland Maryland to it's end just short of East St. Louis.

  5. Oh wow, that piece of retro-tech blows me away. You are so lucky to have snagged this. I want one!

  6. I almost bought one like that not too long ago. Unfortunately it had some function issues. The volume didn't work right and was stuck on ultra loud. Really neat looking piece!

  7. I saw this exact clock at an auction I went to. I actually went to the auction in hopes of a planter but when it went to high I went home before I put a bid on it. I remember something was a bit off with it, like it didn't work properly.

  8. Nice! So many functions in one cool looking piece.