Friday, July 22, 2011

The Fall Collection. Franciscan Autumn. Status: Uh...A Little Late, Haven't You Heard...It's Winter! - Going Way Back.


Well the leaves are all off the trees and I'm just now getting around to pulling down the Franciscan Starburst and replacing it with my collection of Franciscan Autumn. At this rate it'll probably be Easter before I get the winter dishes (Salem Northstar) out for display!



I was Shanghaied by this pattern on a trip back from New Orleans a few years

ago. We had gotten an early start (somehow) and decided to stop at a small town

called Canton Mississippi. The town square is filled with great little antique shops

and malls. This was a starter (incomplete) set that was Heavily discounted (stop

twisting my arm!). I hesitated because I have a weakness for retro vintage dish

sets and will spend lots of time, if not money, trying to complete a set. In the end, it

was destined to come home with me.


I love the pattern. It's very mod. I think that it's every bit as cool as the Starburst,

just not as iconic. The good news is that it's A LOT cheaper on Ebay! I just looked

at a pair of the Crescent Plates in this pattern on Ebay with a "Buy It Now" price of

just $29.95, compared to the Crazy prices a Starburst Crescent plate goes for, the

Autumn is a bargain!


I recently found one of the two Large serving platters, the smaller serving platter

and the serving bowl sitting on it (in the first picture above) at one of the two

estate sales I recently deigned to visit
.  Paid $20 for the three pieces.  I don't think

I have more than $75 invested in this set (so far!).

Originally posted: Friday, December 3, 2010.

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