Saturday, July 23, 2011

I Hate (LOVE) To Toot My Own Horn, But I Must Just Have Such Great Taste! Status: Wishful Thinking - Going Way Back.


Anybody recognize that name: Thos Moser? It means High $$$ and Fine Quality contemporary classic (future iconic?) furniture.

So I got a little story about this Thomas Moser stuff. The Pevely Flea Market is just

south of St. Louis on highway 61 / 67 and used to be a drive in movie. They have

all the usual flea market booths plus a few buildings for indoor vendors. I've found

plenty of cool stuff at this flea market (including a nice pair of Zenith "barrel"

speakers) but we don't get down there that often. On one of our trips down there I

was poking around in one of the buildings where they have a number of vendors

selling new contemporary relatively "cheap" furniture. Over against the back wall I

noticed a chair sitting on top of a table that was wrapped in paper. The chair really

caught my eye since it appeared to have a different stain on it's different

components of construction.


As I got closer to check it out I noticed the construction of the chair was not at all

cheap. The way the legs went through the seat and were held with a wedge

grabbed my attention immediately. I looked around the "booth" and realized that

everything in it was of this furniture line. There were maybe four more of the dining

chairs, the dining table and a long bench. Unfortunately these other pieces were

covered in butcher paper so I couldn't really check them out. I still had no idea

what I was looking at. It didn't even appear to be for sale. There were no price

tags or anything. I thought that this set MUST be something, so I got the camera

out (thankfully I had it with me!) and shot the three pictures you see now.


So, not knowing anything at all about the set, I went home and casually started

poking around the web for info about it. A few days later I hit pay dirt. Dag, really?

A Thomas Moser dining set at the Pevely Flea Market? Each piece commands

such a high price! How did it end up there? I think a dealer must have just been

storing it there because I went back the following weekend and it was gone. Not

that I could have possibly been able to buy it or anything! But wow, if I could



Originally posted: Tuesday, December 14, 2010.

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