Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Even Though We Didn't Get Up At The Crack Of Dawn There Were Still Some Interesting Things At Wentzville. Status: Sunday Flea.


Yup, the pickin's was slim and the weather was hot but it was a pretty day to just poke around a bunch of junk. Plus, I think the Girlfriend found a new collecting interest.


Yup, the Girlfriend got to diggin' around in a bunch of plastic bins of silverware and before I

knew it she was showing me some starburst cutlery! Then I joined in. I have already got a few

pieces of this kind of stuff but I get a headache digging through the cutlery bins at the thrift

stores any more. Now, it seems, I don't have to!


We managed to find a set of five Branchell melmac dinner plates designed by K LaMoyne and

1 Taylor Smith Taylor dinner plate in the Jamaica Bay pattern. Does that Branchell remind

anybody else of both the Herman Miller logo and the pulls on the Broyhill Brasilia drawers? Not

too bad for $2.


Then I found a really cool Lloyd's stereo (true stereo!) flip clock! It even has it's original box...if

in a somewhat tattered state. Oh well, it's still pretty cool to have! The clock and stereo both

work nicely. Score.


  1. Love the flatware. It's really cool!

  2. I just picked up 14 pieces of the Jamaica Bay at Goodwill for $7. My wife is a little worried about my testosterone level and blames you! Nice work on the Baughman recliner by the way.

  3. I have that same starburst silverware! I love it, but I am tired of scouring those bins to build up my spoon collection.