Friday, July 8, 2011

Fez Is More Than A Character On That 70s Show! You Ain't Got A Mid Century Home Bar Until You Got One To Display Or Better Yet...Wear! Status: Doffed At Ya!


Nothing says hard partyin' like a Shriner fez...just look!  It's hard for Mr. Modtomic to find one that fits his (large size brain) head though.  What's up with small heads and vintage hats?


These things ain't cheap either! I regularly see them @ $50 and upwards at the antique malls, which is about the only places I've seen them available. I found my pair at relative bargain prices considering. I don't think I paid over $25 each.


Look at all that rhinestone goodness! Vintage bling.


Hmmmm...rhinestones and ponytails.


As you can see this one is a larger size. It actually fits me! Ansar has a few Islamic definitions. I prefer an ancient Babylonian sky god.


This one isn't as nice as the other. It's a little less detailed. Oh well, beggars can't be choosers. I'll take what I can find!


It did come with a very nice brooch set though. Wait...rhinestones, ponytails AND brooches? Whatev', let's get a drink and have some fun!


  1. love love LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! fezzes, oh so good. i envy yours!

  2. Small vintage hats+large modern heads= bane of my existence.

  3. @monogirl: And don't even get me started on small vintage shoes and my huge modern feet.

  4. My dad has a plain red fez that he actually bought in the city of Fez.